RENTAL APPLICATION This Rental Application is an offer to rent. The Deed of Lease is a legally binding contract. It is unlawful to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin,
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Hello this is matt cockram and i want to walk you through the proper steps to filling out a rental application to Lisa property here in Northern Virginia now I know this probably seems like a pretty straightforward process but you'd be surprised how often we get em correctly filled out applications and it delays the process it delays you getting an answer on your application and it creates more work for us because we have to track you down or track down the information before we can proceed with the processing so decided to make this quick video to let you know the parts of the application you want to play special attention to to be sure you have them filled out correctly now if you're filling out one for a Remax 100 property you'll see this credit report order form very straightforward easy to understand if you're an individual it's $35 for the credit report ten dollars for employment verification and ten dollars for landlord verification if you're a married couple go from there fifty five dollars for the credit report fifteen dollars for the employment verification in ten dollars so fill it out as it applies to you if you've got questions you can always call our office much better to call ahead of time and be sure you have it filled out properly than to guess fill it out incorrectly and then have to have us track you down let's go on to the next page here's the rental application now this application does have Remax up at the top there but this is an application that's used by real estate companies across the county and across the area of the region actually it's put out by the Northern Virginia association of realtors and you want to just go through it point by point and fill it out as completely as possible again call if you have questions it's better to call in advance then for us to have to track you down for the information this top part is really for the real estate agent that's helping you out to fill out so you don't have to deal too much with that and then down here offer to rent is your first part to look at you want to put your name and if you're renting it with someone else their name as well the next line is for the property address in the county it's in Virginia and then the zip code and then how long you intend to rent it for what day you want to begin the lease on and then the monthly rent if there's any other conditions that you want and it says conditions here below but this might even be the spot where you would put something that's a subject to or a contingency to the application's sometimes people want carpets cleaned or if there's something special you would just put that maybe just scribble it right here in this line here and then there is a refund non-refundable processing fee we described that on the page prior to this one and whatever your number was after you did all the math up above on that other page you put that there and then there is a deposit fee that's how positive deposit fee is one month's rent so whatever...